The Eora MRIO Database

Welcome to the Eora MRIO database. The Eora MRIO is free for academic (university or grant-funded) work at degree-granting institutions. All other uses require a data license before the results are shared.

When using Eora we ask you cite these publications:

Lenzen, M., Kanemoto, K., Moran, D., Geschke, A. Mapping the Structure of the World Economy (2012). Env. Sci. Tech. 46(15) pp 8374-8381. DOI:10.1021/es300171x

Lenzen, M., Moran, D., Kanemoto, K., Geschke, A. (2013) Building Eora: A Global Multi-regional Input-Output Database at High Country and Sector Reso lution, Economic Systems Research, 25:1, 20-49, DOI:10.1080/09535314.2013.769 938

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